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miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius
123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius
Myke Predko
123 steps needed to bring out the genius in every basement hobbyist! 
If you enjoy tinkering in your workshop and have a fascination for robotics, you? ll have hours of fun working through the 123 experiments found in this innovative project book. More than just an enjoyable way to spend time, these exciting experiments also provide a solid grounding in robotics, electronics, and programming. Each experiment builds on the skills acquired in those before it so you develop a hands- on, nuts-and-bolts understanding of robotics? from the ground up. 
123 pasos necesarios para llevar a cabo la genialidad en todos los aficionados del sótano!
Si te gusta el bricolaje en tu taller y tienen una fascinación por la robótica, que? Tendrás horas de diversión de trabajo a través de los 123 experimentos que se encuentran en este libro innovador proyecto. Más que una forma agradable de pasar el tiempo, estos experimentos interesantes también proporcionan una base sólida en la robótica, la electrónica y programación. Cada experimento se basa en los conocimientos adquiridos en los anteriores a él por lo que desarrollar un práctico, la comprensión de tuercas y tornillos de la robótica? desde el principio.
  • Myke's Rules of Robotics
  • Introduction To Robots
  • Robot Structures
  • Basic Electrical Theory
  • Magnetic Devices
  • Drivetrains. Motor-Driven Crane
  • Semiconductors
  • Our Friend, The 555 Chip
  • Optoelectronics
  • Audio Electronics
  • Digital Logic
  • Power Supplies
  • Sequential Logic Circuits
  • Learning to Program Using the Parallax BASIC Stamp 2
  • Interfacing  Hardware to the BASIC Stamp 2
  • Sensors
  • Mobile Robots
  • Navigation                  

Consulta el Libro (40 MB) por TurboBit y MediaFire:

  • Myke's Rules of Robotics
  • Robot Structures. Experiments Cutting Plywood. Strengthening Structures. Finishing Wood. Experiments A Gaggle of Glues. Nuts and Bolts. Soldering and Splicing Wires. Assembling the Included PCB
  • Basic Electrical Theory. Electrical Circuits and Switches. Electrical Circuits and Switches. Voltage Measurement. Resistors and Voltage Drops. Current Measurement and Ohm's Law. Kirchoff's Voltage Law and Series Loads. Variable Resistors. Kirchoff's Current Law and Parallel Loads. Thevenin's Equivalency. Power. Batteries
  • Magnetic Devices. Electromagnets. Relays. Measuring the Earth's Magnetic Field. Direct Current (DC) Motor
  • Drivetrains. Motor-Driven Crane. Pulleys Added to Crane. Switch DC Motor "H-Bridge". Differential Drive Robot Chassis. Stepper Motors. Muscle Wire
  • Semiconductors. Diodes. Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). NPN Transistor and Two-LED Lighting Control. Driving a Motor with a Transistor. Bipolar PNP Transistor Motor Control. Transistor Motor H-Bridge
  • OUR FRIEND, THE 555 CHIP. BLINKING LEDS. 555 Button Debounce. Experiment 41 R/C Servo Control 114. Light-Seeking Robot
  • Optoelectronics. Different Color LEDs. Changing an LED's Brightness. Multisegment LEDs. Optoisolator Lock and Key. White/Black Surface Sensor. Line-Following Robot
  • Audio Electronics. Buzzers. Basic Transistor Oscillator Code Practice Tool. Electronic Stethoscope. Sound-Level Meter
  • Digital Logic. Basic Gate Operation. CMOS Touch Switch. Bipolar Transistor-Based TTL "NOT" Gate. Sum of Product Circuits. Common Logic Built from the NOR Gate. XORs and Adders. Pull-Ups/Pull-Downs. Mickey Mouse Logic
  • Power Supplies. Zener Diodes. Linear Power Supply. Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Sequential Logic Circuits. RS Flip Flops. Edge-Triggered Flip Flops. Full D Flip Flop. Flip Flop Reset. PARALLEL DATA. TRAFFIC LIGHTS. SHIFT REGISTERS. Christmas Decoration. Random Movement Robot. Counters. Schmitt Trigger Inputs and Button Debounce. PWM Generation
  • learning to Program Using the Parallax BASIC Stamp 2. Loading BASIC Stamp Windows Editor Software on Your PC. Connecting the PCB and BS2 to Your PC and Running Your First Application. Saving Your Applications on Your PC. The "Hello World!" Application Explained. Variables and Data Types. Number Data Formats. ASCII Characters. VARIABLE ARRAYS. Using Mathematical Operators in the Assignment Statement. Creating Simple Program Loops. Conditionally Looping. "Power Off" Application. Conditionally Executing Code. Advanced Conditional Execution. Using the "for" Loop in Your Application. Saving Code Space Using Subroutines
  • Interfacing  Hardware to the BASIC Stamp 2. Controlling an LED. Cylon Eye. Hitachi 44780-Controlled Liquid Crystal Display. Musical Tone Output. Electronic Dice. Keypad Input. Resistance Measurement. PWM Analog Voltage Output. R-2R Digital-to-Analog Converter
  • Sensors. bLiza, the Snarky Computer. Multiple Seven-segment Displays. RCtime Light Sensor. Differential Light Sensors. SOUND CONTROL. Robot "Whiskers". IR Object Sensors
  • Mobile Robots. DC Motor Control Base with H-Bridge Drivers. Stale Machine Programming. Robot Moth Example. Random Movement Explained. Remote-Control Car Robot Base. R/C SERVO SETUP. Controlling Multiple Servos. Robot Artist. Parallax's "GUI-Bot" Programming Interface. Stepper Motor Control. Infrared Two-Way Communications
  • Navigation. Line-Following Robot. Wall-Following Robot. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement. Hall Effect Compass. NMEA GPS Interface. PHASIC Reference 

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