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martes, 24 de julio de 2012

Electronic Games for the Evil Genius: 21 Do-It-Yourself Entertaining Projects
Electronic Games for the Evil Genius: 21 Do-It-Yourself Entertaining Projects
Thomas Petruzzellis
You can have a wicked amount of fun on your way to becoming a game master!  In Electronic Games for the "Evil Genius", popular how-to author Tom Petruzzellis gives you everything you need to build 35 exciting games and gadgets. You get complete, easy-to-follow plans, with clear diagrams and schematics, so you know exactly what's involved before you begin. Packed with fun projects that you'll love to build and play with, this guide develops game expertise one simple step and project at a time.
Usted puede tener cantidad una malvada de diversión en su camino para convertirse en un maestro del juego! En los juegos electrónicos para el "genio malvado", el popular autor Tom Petruzzellis le da todo lo necesario para construir 35 emocionantes juegos y dispositivos. Usted obtiene un completo y fácil de seguir los planos, con diagramas y esquemas claros, para que sepas exactamente lo que implica antes de empezar. Lleno de de proyectos divertidos que te gusta construir y jugar, esta guía se desarrolla conocimientos juego de un solo paso y un proyecto a la vez.
  • Identifying Electronic Components. Reading Schematics. Soldering.
  • Wonky Wire Game. Guide a wire through a maze.
  • Lie Detector. See if someone is telling a lie or is excited.
  • Macho Meter. See who is the most macho of your friends.
  • Mood Meter Project. Check the moods of your friends or family.
  • Super-Reaction Time Tester. See how fast your reflexes are.
  • Touch Sensitive Coin. Tosser/Decision Maker. Use electronics to make a decision.  The Tingler Project. Shock your friends or enemies.
  • Xenon Flasher Project. Strobe light for parties.
  • Siren Project. Just like the police and fire sirens.
  • Rolling Dice Project. Use with games of chance which need dice.
  • Game Show Quiz Buzzer. See who responds first in quiz games.
  • Wheel-of-Fortune Game. Your own wheel of fortune game.
  • Skeet-Shooting Game. Just like the challenging game of accuracy.
  • Grab-the-Gold Game. Pyramid lights up in a sequence pattern.
  • Stairway-to-Heaven Game. A great game of skill and timing.
  • Electronic Cricket. Annoying circuit makes cricket sounds when dark.
  • Filtered Blacklight Project. Great for parties and posters, rock displays.
  • Mini-Electronic Organ. Learn to play your favorite tunes on this organ.
  • 3-Channel Color Organ. Connect to stereo and watch 3-color lamp display.
  • 8-watt Power Audio Amplifier. Use Theremin, voice changer and organ.
  • Infrared Target Game. Fun laser tag game.
  • Electronic Hourglass. Electronic hourglass keeps track of time.
  • Electronic Windmill/Propeller. A great attention getter for displays and parties.
  • Electronic Roulette Game. A real electronic roulette wheel—place your bets!.
  • Hangman Game. An electronic variation on the classic game.
  • Cliff Hanger Game. Feel the thrill of mountain climbing.
  • Alien Attack Game. Aliens are dropping their bombs on you.
  • Starburst Light Display. A great attention grabber for displays.
  • Electronic Voice Changer. Changes your voice to Donald Duck voice.
  • Racquetball Game. You "play" against the computer opponent.
  • Theremin Project. Make strange electronic music and effects.
  • Multi-Chip Programmer. Programs the microprocessors.
  • Simon Memory Game. Classic, simple to play, hard to master.
  • Tetris Game Project. A variation on the classic game.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Game. Electronic version of the classic game. Appendix: Electronic Kits Suppliers                      

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