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domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius
46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius
Bob Bonnet, Dan Keen
Want to win first place in the next science fair? 46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius has everything you need to create amazing, sophisticated projects that will wow the judges and keep everyone talking long after the awards are handed out.
Using inexpensive, easy-to-find parts and tools, and following standard science fair requirements, these creative new projects test 46 theories from various disciplines, including physics, astronomy, energy, environmental science, and economics. Each project begins with an intriguing hypothesis that leaves plenty of room for you to add your own tweaks, making the project entirely different and new-the only limit is your imagination! 
¿Quieres ganar el primer lugar en la próxima feria de ciencias? 46 Proyectos de Feria de Ciencias para el Genio Malvado tiene todo lo necesario para crear proyectos increíbles y sofisticados que sorprenderán a los jueces y mantener a todos a hablar mucho después de que los premios se entregan.
Uso de bajo costo, fácil de encontrar piezas y herramientas, y según las exigencias de estándares de la ciencia, estos nuevos proyectos creativos de prueba 46 teorías de diversas disciplinas, incluyendo la física, la astronomía, energía, ciencias del medio ambiente y la economía. Cada proyecto comienza con una hipótesis interesante que deja mucho espacio para que usted pueda añadir sus propios ajustes, por lo que el proyecto totalmente diferente y nueva, el único límite es tu imaginación!
Consulta el Libro (1 MB) por TurboBit y MediaFire:

  • Water,Water, Everywhere : The effect of fresh water and coastal salt water flooding on lawns
  • Who’s Home? : Determining whether or not organisms other than birds live in birds’ nests
  • Go with the Flow : Lighthouses are cylindrically shaped, so they can structurally withstand highvelocity winds
  • Kinetic Pendulum : Examining the relationship between the arc distance a pendulum travels and the swing period time
  • Melody Camouflage : Erroneously perceived sound while masked by noise
  • “Vlip!” : A pet dog responds to sounds rather than understanding the meaning of words
  • Got Salt? : Comparisons of back bay salt content to tide cycles
  • In the Ear of the Beholder : The physics and social classification of “noise”
  • Flying in the Wind : Wind velocity at ground level may be different at heights above the ground
  • Lighter Struts : Making materials lighter, yet still strong enough for the required need
  • Stock Up : Concepts of stock market investing
  • A Better Burger : Comparing the fat content in different grades of ground beef
  • Caught in the Spotlight : Devising an insect-collection device, and then evaluating the nocturnal insect population in your area for health hazards
  • Sweet Treat : The behavior of ants toward natural and artificial sugars
  • C, a Fantastic Vitamin : The effect of boiling on the vitamin C content of carrots
  • Zenith Is Not a Radio : Comparing the Sun’s daily zenith to the time between sunrise and sunset
  • Bold Mold : Environment affects the rate at which food spoils
  • M&M’s Ring Around the World : Determining the validity of sample size
  • Choices : Behavior: The position of an item will determine the selection by handedness (left hand/right hand) over color
  • Plants Exhale : A plant produces more oxygen when light intensity is increased
  • Melting Mountains : Alluvial runoff from melting mountain ice
  • Sounds Fishy : Determining if goldfish have water temperature preferences
  • Parallelogram Prevention : Simple bracing can greatly increase a structure’s capability to maintain its shape under stress
  • A Taste of Plant Acid : Determining if a vegetable has a more acrid taste if it has a higher pH
  • Split and Dip : Testing a strategy for making money in the stock market
  • Johnny Applesauce : Cinnamon: A mold inhibitor
  • Backfield in Motion : The effect of an electromagnetic field on single-celled organisms
  • Green No More : Concepts in chlorophyll 
  • Not Just Lemonade : Determining if the addition of lemon to cleaning products is strictly for marketing purposes
  • Less Is More : Determining if pH increases as standing rainwater evaporates
  • Natural Fences : Finding natural pesticide substances
  • The Nose Knows : Olfactory identification differences by age
  • Germ Jungle : Checking for the presence of bacteria on public surfaces
  • Not ’til Christmas : Determining adherence to instructions by gender
  • Space Farm : The effect of artificial gravity on radishseed germination
  • Cooled Off : Comparison study between the cooling effect of evaporating water and alcohol
  • Pass the Mold : A study on the capability of common bread mold to be transferred from one food to another
  • Hardwood Café : Determining if bracket fungi are parasites or saprophytes
  • Web Crawlers : Determining the effectiveness of various Internet search engines
  • Night Watch : Circadian rhythms: Training a house plant to be awake at night
  • Time for the Concert : A study of the effect of temperature on the chirping of crickets
  • Flying,Walking, Crawling : Natural bait to keep pests at bay during picnics
  • High-Tech Times : A study of the willingness of people in different age groups to adapt to new technology
  • Commercial TV : A comparison of programming to advertising content
  • Sold on Solar : The temperature in a climate as it relates to the amount of possible usable sunlight
  • Getting to the Root of the Problem : A study of the effect of low water on radish seedling root systems 

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